Corporate Wellness & On-Site Chiropractic for Business
Healthy Employees...Healthy Business "Musculoskeletal pain is costing American Employers a conservative estimate of 61.2 billion dollars per year." -Journal of the American Medical Association  

Why not work in an environment where you don't 
have to worry about pain anymore?  We encourage 
you to take your company to the forefront of employee 
health and well being.  Initiate our chiropractic health program in your office today!
Perhaps an employee needs to take extensive time off work due to a severe low back pain caused by poor postural habits, sitting too long or not taking care of underlying issues early on.  This could have been prevented from good education and maintenance of the spine.  Our 'Sit Right/Work Right' lecture covers the short and long-term effects of poor posture and what you can do to correct it.

We offer the following lectures:
-Getting a Grip on Stress
-Keep Fit While You Sit
-Maximize Your Potential
-Sit Right/Work Right
-Back Safety
-Adding Life to Your Years
If there is another topic that you would like covered, we offer specialized lectures to fit your company's needs.

Economic prudence sometimes means cutting costly benefits.  Employers need a cost effective program which lets their employees know they are still a valued member of the team.  Chiropractic care is the solution!

Is It Cost Effective?  YES!

There is no cost to your business.  We only require that you support this wellness program by promoting it to your employees.

How Can My Company Benefit From On-Site Chiropractic?
  1. Saves money by reducing lost work time          
        and increasing productivity without increasing    
  2. Helps you attract and retain employees by offering    
        them a unique benefit.
  3. Creates a healthier, more productive work force.
  4. Decreases frequency and incidence of work injuries              such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Neck Pain, Back Pain        and more.
  5. Quality, full service Chiropractic Care on your             
  6. Expand services on demand.
  7. A US Department of Health and Human Services       
       report in 2002 revealed that at work sites with           
       physical activity programs, employers have:
    A. Reduced health cost by 22-55%
    B. Reduced short-term sick leave by 6-32%
    C. Increased productivity by 2-52%
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