Q & A With Dr. Brian Filter
An interview with the doctor

Why did you choose chiropractic?
As I was growing up I knew what I wanted to do.  I wanted to be a dad like mine was to me, and I wanted to be a pediatrician.  As time went on things fell right into place. I attended college at Clemson University and I was in love with an incredible girl.  I only had one major problem...I hurt all the time.  My neck was stiff and I couldn't think straight because of my severe headaches.  I started having bad headaches in high school after some sporting injuries and a round of meningitis. I wasn't sure how to fix it or what I was going to do. That's when I turned to chiropractic.  To my surprise, it worked!  I decided that if someone could do that with just their hands, that's what I wanted to do.  So after talking to my soon to be wife, we decided to make the switch.  I started doing a lot of research and met with several chiropractors. I toured at Sherman College of Chiropractic and knew it was the right fit for me.

Why did you start a mobile practice?
I've spent years jumping around in different associateships.  I've worked in offices that sold long care plans and business wellness programs. I've worked in overly busy practices with huge wait times and huge prices.  I learned a lot from those practices, but mostly how I wanted my patients to be treated.  I am not a fan of wasting your time or mine.  Starting a Mobile Practice just seemed to make sense.  You are less stressed, you don't have to beg your boss for time off, and you don't have to wait until it is so bad you cannot go on to finally take a day off work and get checked!  

I also like the mobile concept because I'm not trapped in 2-3 small rooms with tiny windows longing to see the light of day. I like things to get changed up every once in a while, and being mobile will keep me on my toes.

What sets you apart from all the other chiropractors?
As a chiropractor, I do feel that I am different than most of the other doctors you have or will come across. First, I am patient oriented. And I'm not just saying that because it sounds good. I don't use any "bait and switch" tactics or offer gimmicks just to get you in. Once I start treating you, I will not do things just to up sell a visit so that I can make a quick buck. When I make recommendations, you will know why I think it's best and together we will work toward getting you well.

Second, knowledge is power. To get better at what you do you have to practice, learn new things, and be willing to grow. Each year of experience as a provider should show obvious improvements in growth. It shouldn't be an exact repeat of the knowledge and skill level of the year before. I enjoy continuing ed classes/seminars and love doing my own research into why our bodies and minds work the way they do. I'm willing to do what it takes for my patients and I truly want to help them because I've been there and I know what it's like.

What are your goals for the future?
I am excited to grow and become a part of the midlands with my wonderful wife and four children. I am actively involved in church and cub scouts as a Webelos leader, but I'd like to be more active in the community. I would also love to have some time on the side to help coach my childrens' sports teams. I've already adjusted Mickey Mouse (the real one from Disney on Ice) and Santa Clause (I'm pretty sure he's the real one). Maybe one day I'll adjust the USC Mascot during half time. 
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