Filter Chiropractic is proud to offer Mobile Chiropractic Care to the Midlands! 
***We are currently not accepting new patients at this time***

How often have you scheduled an appointment and rushed to get there on time only to end up five minutes late?  After you arrived and signed in, you sat and waited. You hoped it would only be a fifteen minute wait time. Unfortunately, it ended up being an hour.  When you finally got called back you sat in a room and waited...again.  Ten minutes later the doctor came in.  Finally.  You managed to get a solid five, maybe ten minute visit and then you were sent on your way.   You left feeling relieved that it was over and dreading when you had to do it again. Sound familiar?

At Filter Chiropractic we want to eliminate the stresses of traditional office visits!  We are a mobile unit so we come to you.  We want to save you valuable time and money while giving you the benefits of good health and relief from pain without having to leave work or home!  
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